About Me

Why Curious Megan? Well, I’ve been on the trail of a suitable ‘title’ for years. I’ve dreaded hearing those fateful words: “What do you do?” I longed for an easy answer. If only I could say – “I’m an accountant”, “I’m an actress”, “I’m a lawyer” – people who are able to lean into these known titles seemed to have it made, I thought.

And then, I sat across from a dear friend and colleague and he finally exclaimed “Don’t you get it yet? There is no ‘job title’ for you! You are Megan and that’s enough!” I tried my best to push back against that and I rationalized all sorts of reasons why that was not okay. And then? Well, truth be told, I could no longer hide from it.

Armed with a business degree and post-graduate studies in various arenas, I’ve navigated the world of corporate marketing with curiosity, taught in classrooms for children with learning dysfunctions – curious about what potential lay untapped within them. Curious about the way we show up in the world, I’ve led sessions in applied and neuro kinesiologies, and created and facilitated workshops for people curious about the way in which they might live authentically.

And now? I create Curious Life videos and posts, facilitate Curiosity Circles, and deliver keynote Curiosity Talks,

With everything I do, I engage with the world through the lens of curiosity – wherever it leads, I follow.

What I Know for Sure:

  • Laughter is like oxygen to me
  • Lego provides the perfect metaphor for life
  • Life is better when the ‘judge’ inside takes an early retirement package
  • The language of blame is powerless
  • Taking responsibility for your every thought, word and action is ultimately liberating