October #BlotterWisdom


Last month, I began sharing the doodles on my blotter page. I record quotes I hear or read. I consider my own thoughts and feel moved my the thoughts of others. They all combine into an interesting collection, which I am sharing with you. It is my wish that you may connect with one or more of the pieces and that they may serve you in your own curious life journey!

Here are the bits of wisdom and curiosity I have to share from my October blotter. I will cite the author/speaker wherever possible. When the thoughts are mine, I’ll note that, too. If I am unsure of the source, I’ll leave it blank.

There’s a difference between thinking that you deserve to be happy and knowing that you are worthy of being happy. ~ Oprah

Life is lived by default or design – the choice is yours alone to make. ~ Megan

The need would not be there unless the path to fulfill wasn’t already there. 

There is victory in surrender. ~ Shonda Rimes

Awareness brings you to choice ALWAYS ~ Megan

A light-hearted process does not need to make a light-hearted product. ~ Liz Gilbert

Awakened Mind: Compassionate Wise Powerful ~ Susan Piver – The Open Heart Project

You are stronger than you know, wiser than you think and more loved than you could ever imagine. ~ Megan

Patience is not that ability to wait, but how you act while you are waiting. ~ Joyce Meyer

Story connects. Instruction manuals inform people, but they will not create connections. 

The fine art of experiments ~ live it for a week. 

Stories are the threads that bind us together. ~ Megan

I am no longer looking for the enemy and I no longer see the enemy. 


Curiosity Q:

Which piece of wisdom speaks to you? How may it serve you?

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