Saying Yes with Your Head AND Your Heart

There is an endless number of articles promoting the benefits of saying ‘no’ – I know because I’ve read many of them! While there have been nuggets of wisdom gleaned along the way, the underlying presumption in all of them is that we are saying ‘yes’ all too often. At the very least, it would seem that we are saying yes without consideration for ourselves.

This history of saying a reflexive yes may leave us leery of any questions or opportunities. It may feel as though we somehow need to be on guard. Our decision-making job appears to be focused on searching for the landmines instead of reflecting on the choices.

What I’d love to propose is an alternate way. What would happen if we chose to focus on saying yes in a new way? What if we gave ourselves permission to make decisions with our head AND our heart? It doesn’t have to be an either/or situation.

Instead of approaching opportunities with an air of suspicion, we could choose to be curious about whether or not we are hearing ‘yes’ inside our heart and our head.

It’s taken me a while to come to this idea. Along the way, there have been plenty of times when I’ve overridden my heart with ideas that made ‘sense’ to my head. And, there have been cases where I leaned so far in response to a ‘yes’ from my heart that my head was left wondering how to make it all work. What I have discovered, though, is that I never regret the decisions I make with BOTH my head and my heart.

The beautiful result of choosing with your heart AND your head is that you do not have decision hangover. There is no dance in the realm of ‘woulda’, ‘coulda’, ‘shoulda’. By engaging my heart and my head, I am able to move forward with a certainty, which provides a firm foundation for action.

Curiosity Q:

How about you? What’s your recipe for decision-making? Do you find yourself leery of people asking for your time? Do you worry about people trying to take advantage of you? Are you able to hear the thoughts in your head and your heart? Why not tune into both?

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