Stirring the pot to effect positive change

The title of this post is the tagline for my site. It’s more than a tagline, actually. I’m discovering that it serves as a purpose statement for me in life. Ultimately, I want to effect positive change in the world. It may sound a bit too grand a statement – perhaps something better suited to a Miss America contestant; however, I’d really love to serve as a catalyst for others to pause in their days and think to themselves….”huh, that’s curious, I wonder….” That’s it. I’d love to interrupt the status quo with an invitation to engage with curiosity.

Why do I use curiosity? Well, following my own curiosity has been my natural way to engage with and explore my own world. When curiosity is leading the way, there is no need for pretending that I already know ~ I am simply able to wonder. There is no judgment attached to the process. Being curious serves to keep me in the present moment and in that space, I am able to make new choices.

I don’t presume to have the answers for your life. What I do have is an unbridled enthusiasm for connecting with others and engaging with them about their experiences, my own experiences and our shared experiences. I have come to appreciate that there is value in sharing what comes from those exchanges.

And so, I invite you to explore the site ~ read the posts, watch the videos, consider joining a Curiosity Circle, ask questions, share your comments. Most of all, I invite you to connect with your own curiosity ~ to see how you may use it to effect positive change in your own life.

Curiosity Q: When is the last time you started a sentence with “I wonder…”? Why not try it today?


**Note: While this is the inaugural post for my new website, I have added a carefully curated list of posts from my previous site. Enjoy!

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