Male Indigo Bunting (Passerina cyanea)

A Curious Life

October #BlotterWisdom


Last month, I began sharing the doodles on my blotter page. I record quotes I hear or read. I consider my own thoughts and feel moved my the thoughts of others. They all combine into an interesting collection, which I am sharing with you. It is my wish that you may connect with one or more of the pieces and that they may serve you in your own curious life journey! Here are the bits of wisdom and curiosity I have to share from my October blotter. I will cite the author/speaker wherever possible. When the thoughts are mine, I’ll […]

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Saying Yes with Your Head AND Your Heart


There is an endless number of articles promoting the benefits of saying ‘no’ – I know because I’ve read many of them! While there have been nuggets of wisdom gleaned along the way, the underlying presumption in all of them is that we are saying ‘yes’ all too often. At the very least, it would seem that we are saying yes without consideration for ourselves. This history of saying a reflexive yes may leave us leery of any questions or opportunities. It may feel as though we somehow need to be on guard. Our decision-making job appears to be focused on searching […]

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September #BlotterWisdom


As a doodler and a note taker, I am in the habit of having a large, blank blotter pad on my desk. I jot notes, reminders and quotes and thoughts that jump out to me. I’ve been doing this for years and each time I rip off a sheet, I am torn as to what to do with the used piece. Certainly there were bits and pieces written on it that only served me in the moment. But what of the other notes? What about the quotes I had happened upon? What about the random lines that would come out of […]

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Great Expectations


I’ve been thinking a lot about expectations since I heard Tony Robbins talk about “trading expectations for appreciation”. He said that it had been a game changing practice within his personal relationships. He talked about the way in which he was able to let go of the tension around his expectations and simply be present with the other person. The substitution of appreciation expanded the space for both of them. The idea intrigued me and I started playing around with the concept in my own relationships. I did my best to stay mindful in the moment and yet, the “substitute […]

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Three Chords and A Blog Post


Last week, when a colleague asked me my intention for the week, I answered “three chords and a blog post”. The answer marks the start of a new path for me. For my high school graduation, my parents gifted me with a guitar. I thought that it represented the best potential for portable music making. I was off to University and I had images of strumming tunes in my dorm room. It remained an image only in my mind and not in reality. The guitar sat in silence. And so it sat. It sat in my student apartments. It sat […]

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Which Side of the Fence?


On an early morning walk, I came upon a house on a corner with a partially painted picket fence. From my first vantage point, I was looking at the back of the fence – the side facing into the yard. It was largely unpainted with drips of white paint leaving thin trails on the tired, grey wood. As I turned the corner, I glanced to the outward facing side of the fence – it was painted completely white. Curious. What was the story behind the scenes? Had they run out of paint? It occurred to me in the moment that […]

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Be Compare Aware


In our highly-connected, super visual world, we are often assaulted with images, stories and messages about the fabulous lives being led by others. It may be difficult to separate ourselves from this information ~ it is all around us! We catch snippets of others’ lives and quickly create an entire narrative about their total life experience. The natural next step is to hold ourselves up against this fabricated story. Post-comparison we are either inflated or deflated with respect to our feelings about our own lives. This type of comparison has become a bit of a reflex for the majority of […]

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Day Timers & Calendars & Systems…….oh my!


How do you choose to approach the start of a new year? There are a myriad of options available to us. Do you get a new calendar/planner? Do you take time to reflect on 2015 and be complete with it? Do you make resolutions? Do you have any superstitions about the start of the new year? There are people who choose a word to represent their thoughts/intentions for the new year. Some people set elaborate resolutions and put thought into how to track them ~ with spreadsheets and check boxes  There are an endless number of ‘systems’ available for approaching the new year […]

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Stirring the pot to effect positive change


The title of this post is the tagline for my site. It’s more than a tagline, actually. I’m discovering that it serves as a purpose statement for me in life. Ultimately, I want to effect positive change in the world. It may sound a bit too grand a statement – perhaps something better suited to a Miss America contestant; however, I’d really love to serve as a catalyst for others to pause in their days and think to themselves….”huh, that’s curious, I wonder….” That’s it. I’d love to interrupt the status quo with an invitation to engage with curiosity. Why […]

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Life Unplugged


When I was travelling home from the amazing WDS conference, I found myself aboard an urban light rail transit vehicle headed for the airport. I settled into my seat and reflexively stretched my hand toward my purse to grab my iPhone. Something made me pause long enough to make a different choice. I thought that it was the perfect experiment to see how it would be to commute for 50 minutes ‘unplugged’. Here’s what I discovered: The first thing I noticed when I glanced around at my fellow travellers was that I was the ONLY person not consulting a piece […]

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